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7 responses to “About

  1. Hello again Dave. I seem to have lost your contact information.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I’m just wondering if you know of a way to export tool libraries from Camworks and get them into HSM? In this case it’s Camworks for Solidworks… but I’m assuming the tool libraries are the same. Probably a dangerous assumption.

    • Hi Scott,
      In a nutshell no. I am looking at the very latest tool library for CW4SE and it has 744 flat end mills in it most of which no one will ever use. The rest of the tooling is the same and chock full of useless with no three or five fluters as an additional bonus. I would imagine it is true for CW for SW to. So two things. There is probably no stock tool crib for CW that anyone would want anyway. If you have created one as a user I think you could export it as an Excel or SQL database but as far as I know HSM can’t import these types of things yet. I think it would be enter into HSM one by one.

      There is some work being done with tool libraries for HSM but they are pretty quiet about exactly what and when. At least one vendor is going to integrate with HSM in the near future but it will be next year at best.

  3. You can import from excel into the HSM tool libraries. I was only really interested in a workflow to export user defined tools from Camworks into HSM.

    • Scott,
      I have never done this and my tool libraries have been simple enough that recreating them is quicker than learning how to import. Sorry I don’t have better answers for you.

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