Nomination for Design Excellence

There are times where you buy a consumer product that is so complete so innovative and so revolutionary in design that you are compelled to regard the genius behind such a thing in wonder. Here we have a common, well at least I thought it was commonplace item in most houses and many vehicles. A utilitarian device meant for both hot and cold climes and contents supremely purposed for YOUR satisfaction. Howdja like that PR and Marketing bit of babble speak there eh? At least I did not and nor did these wonder purposed universal utilitarian hot or cold multi-delivery enhanced designed containers purveyors state 200% increase over your current whatever. Be grateful for the small things in life which can mean so much when you are spared them. Ready to see this wonder of technology? Hint, it comes with a convertible handle and content containment device that will automatically work with the handles detente that allows for right or left hand use. Apparently there may be a third hand or perhaps even more ways too but I presume they have not fully developed a market yet for this and so just two hands are mentioned at this time. Please note that the picture shows the device in it’s left handle detente position.

RT or LT hand cup and manual

Huntsville Solid Edge User Group Meeting 4-17-14

Here is an update for our new monthly meeting in Huntsville. If you wish to attend please respond here and I will reserve a spot for you.

Attention Solid Edge users,
Get ready for the launch of the revamped Solid Edge users group for our North Alabama / Central Tennessee users. In the past we have had meetings on an irregular haphazard schedule but this next year we are going to try something different. We will be meeting every month on the third Thursday at Siemens in Huntsville. I know this is short notice for the first meeting but it was decided that we would start anyway. We are going to have a greater emphasis on students this time around as not only are professionals important so are the future professionals. Whether you are a seasoned grey haired dude or a student this is for you.
I think the whole idea of a local network that exists for users is important enough to have committed my time for the next year to participate. I think if you consider the value here you and or your company you will consider this to.
What is the value? Speaking personally for me I now have the possibility of future work with a facility in Huntsville because of a contact made through past meetings. The obvious benefits of knowing other users results in opportunities you would not have otherwise. Who do you turn to when your VAR or GTAC have gone home for the night and your rush job HAS to be done? Other users you now know of course. Remember when you had mentors that helped you out when you were first learning? Return this by seeding what could be your future peers and employees with the knowledge you have to impart. Take a part in training those who will in all likelihood be employed by you in the future. Learn from your peers and from actual SE employees how to make your work days more efficient.
Students may I point something out here? There can be a world of difference between what is taught and how real users do things to earn a living. Get insights into how our practical experience will improve your skills and abilities in SE.
Did you know that Solid Edge is developed right here in Huntsville? When you attend meetings here I can honestly tell you that you never know who might show up but there have always been those who do from SE. You can’t get better information on your software of choice than that which is available from those who write it. Dan Staples who is over Solid Edge will be at this meeting and I expect others to. This is one of the great sides to SE that I can vouch for with my own experience. They make an effort to listen and incorporate features into SE based on user feedback. Just like the opportunity you will have to give feedback at this meeting. These guys actually use and like their software and they are well worth meeting for the knowledge they will freely give you.
But you can only benefit from this if you attend so BE HERE. I look forward to seeing the familiar and the new faces. Please reply to this email to let me know if you intend to be here and to let me know you received it.
Regards, Dave Ault

Date: April 17th, 2014
Time: 4:00 to 7:00 pm
Place: 675 Discovery Drive NW, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35806 – In the Training Room on First Floor
1. 4:00 – 4:15 pm – Information on Solid Edge University
2. 4:15 – 5:00 pm – Modeling Techniques for Solid Edge, Dave Ault
3. 5:00 – 5:45 pm – Solid Edge Tips and Tricks, Dave Ault
4. 5:45 – 6:00 pm – “We are Listening” – feedback session with Dan Staples, Vice President, Mainstream Engineering
5. 6:00 – 6:30 pm – Open Session
6. 6:30 – 7:00 pm – Networking and Mingling, Pizza and Drinks will be provided.
This is a great opportunity to network with other users, students and Siemens employees. Bring your own laptops if possible.
Please RSVP by April 15th so that we know how many pizzas to order.
Best Regards

Huntsville User Group Embarking on New direction

For those of you in the surrounding Huntsville area we are going to try something out. In pursuit of both academic and professional users starting on 4-17-14 we will be having monthly meetings for the next year in order to determine interest in this. We are going to run this from 4:00 until 7:00 pm allowing for both students and people earning a living to swing by and avoid rush hour traffic. WHAT a deal. Learn, eat pizza, avoid rush hour and be a part of the local user network as we start things up in a far more serious manner.

This first meeting is I know short notice but be aware that this will be every month now for the next year. There will be an hour or more on using Synchronous, tips and tricks and of course meeting each other as we consume vast quantities of health food. A mailer will be going out to those who have attended here before and for those of you who are not on this list and interested please leave a comment here and I will get your spot saved.

This will be at the Siemens SE headquarters in the first floor conference rooms as usual and you never know who might pop in. 675 Discovery Dr NW #100, Huntsville, AL 35806 is the address.


Holy Cow Batman, FREE 3D SYNC !

OK you fence sitters and other type individuals debating going to SEU2014 listen up. Just in my email as I arrive home is…..

Solid Edge University 2014
May 12-14
Atlanta, GA

April fools? Not by a longshot. Until April 30, get 3DSync free with your paid registration for Solid Edge University 2014!

Until April 30, 2014, with each paid customer registration for the Solid Edge University 2014 event being held May 12th–14th in Atlanta, Siemens PLM Software is offering a free copy of 3DSync, powerful 3D editing software for many 3D CAD formats (a $1,995 USD value).

Advantages of 3DSync and Solid Edge University

3DSync provides you access to a re-imagined way to edit your 3D CAD designs
Solid Edge University provides you with the knowledge that you need to understand the full implications of where re-imagined design can take you

Remember, you must be a Solid Edge® software customer and pay for registration to Solid Edge University by April 30, 2014, in order to be eligible for this offer. If you haven’t already registered,

☐ Yes. Please put my company on the list to receive a free copy of 3DSync.

Register two colleagues from your company and receive a third registration FREE. The 3 for 2 conference pass allows 3 people from the same company to attend for the cost of 2.

Job Shop Tech Data Base for CAMWorks

One of the paradoxes for me with CAMWorks is how the power that resides within the program has been difficult to unlock for quite some time. It was like two people with differing viewpoints and practical experiences determined the idea of Feature recognition and then the implementation of the same. One was brilliant and the other was, well lets just say that the other one was a programmer that probably figured chips came packaged in various flavors for your eating delight.

This is no longer the case and here is what is going on. As I type this work has been ongoing for a few weeks and will continue until done. This is not a back shelf finish it someday project but one that has priority and I fully expect that it will be completed this year. So just what is this Jobshop TDB?

There are two aspects to this and they are as follows. The tool library is being updated to current use and practices tooling using current available tools from current manufacturing catalogues. No more will you have to deal with a library that just had tools thrown in there to occupy spots. Real tools readily available and a reduction in overall quantities of tools. Tools bought often enough that companies make and stock them on the shelf as regular demand tools. Two, three, four and five flute end mills for instance will be in there in various substrates. In particular this is beneficial for things like Volumill where so many of the strategies involve three and five fluters. Now these will be there and you will be able to create your high performance tool paths out of the box with an expectation that the majority of your common use tools will already be there.

The second aspect of the rework is that the basic strategies used for cutting are being revamped by experienced machinists who are aware of proper cutting strategies so that once again out of the box what will be there will in many cases be immediately useable. Now look, I understand that there will have to be tweaking to dial in to your favorite exact strategies. But what is the big deal here is that for the first time ever CAMWorks is going to deliver something that will get you up and running pretty darned painlessly and afford you the luxury of developing your exact strategies and learning how to use the TDB over time. Quite a change from what there is today where you have to constantly fight this thing and learn to tame it before you see the potential become the reality. Feature Recognition with CAMWorks is the industry best and getting the practical immediate benefit of it without tons of fiddling around has just become a reality coming soon to you.

The TDB is common to both SE and SW users by the way so rejoice all you CAMWorks SW users, you to are going to see this come your way also. I know in speaking to SW users that this has been the principal major complaint expressed to me over time.

I like the moniker that Geometric has chosen in Jobshop TDB. But it is more than just a title or name it is the intent behind what they are doing and why they are doing it. It is a recognition that our time has value too and that there needed to be out of the box a far more user-friendly way of implementing this program. A recognition if you will of the hurry-hurry world so many of us live in where another complicated paradigm to master before becoming productive is not what we want or need.

I was not kidding a post or two ago when I compared this to the evolution of SE from ST2 to ST3. It was when SE learned to effectively communicate with itself yielding efficiencies that many of us though should have been there for ST1. In many ways I consider ST3 to be the first release of SE as it was meant to be. And like SE now CAMWorks is going through the same metamorphosis and the benefits to the user base are going to be considerable. I don’t know what stage Geometric will be at with this for SEU 2014 but I consider this to be one of the biggest “new” program features I am aware of at this event and probably the single most important one for those of us who use both SE and CAMWorks and then make what we design.

CAMWorks for Solid Edge ASSEMBLIES Are Here

Just a short post today to notify those Solid Edge users who have been long waiting for this that the date is 4-14 for the release of CAMWorks 2014 SP2 which will have assemblies mode for SE in it. I for one have been looking forward to this as it will simplify my life for sure. The day may shift but not by much and Geometric is confident enough on this date that they gave me the go ahead to announce it.

CW4SE assemblies mode

Ain’t it purdy :)

Solid Edge University 2014 Update for 3-25-14

Folks most of the updates about Solid Edge itself I am going to be posting are strictly CTRL-C CTRL-V types. I am not a beta tester and even if I was Siemens is pretty tight lipped about new things so I could not say much anyway. And what is out there is generic stuff so that is what I am going to post links to. The CAMWorks stuff I am involved with and I can say with certainty BE EXCITED.

· ST7 sneak peeks

· Info on the Solid Edge University 2014 site

· SEU14 Associated events: Developer Day, Design Management Workshop, FEMAP Symposium and this info can be found at the SEU 2014 site above.

· Solid Edge Certification at